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Having a website is very important to publicize your business or your ideas and communicate with your customers and prospects.

Website hosting is a service used by companies or individuals to store any content accessible via the Internet, through a website. It is ideal for you who want to host your website, store, blog or other web applications.

Web Elevates offers space on its servers and an Internet connection. We offer customized plans to meet the most diverse demands. Our servers have a data processing and storage system formed by a virtual cloud, with robust capacity. Using this technology, you have a flexible and secure platform.

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The ideal partner for your website's success. Better hosting of sites in the cloud, with physical protection and daily maintenance. Total security for your website with free SSL on all plans.

Startup Plan

$39.99 month

Starting Business

Storage: 3GB

Transfer: Unlimited

FTP Accounts: 2

Email Accounts: 2

MySQL Basics: 2

Monthly Backup

Business Plan

$89.99 month

for any Business

Storage: 10GB

Transfer: Unlimited

FTP Accounts: 10

Email Accounts: 20

MySQL PRO: Unlimited

Daily Backup

Business PRO

$149.99 month

Higher Business

Storage: 30GB

Transfer: Unlimited

FTP Accounts: Unlimited

Email Accounts: Unlimited

MySQL PRO: Unlimited

Daily Backup PRO

Daily backups
We perform a daily backup of your entire system, without you having to worry about doing it manually.
Certified SSL
More security for you and your website visitors. We integrate an SSL certificate on your server to protect against threats.
Free migration
We migrate your sites from your current hosting for free, including web files, emails and databases.
You will be able to manage your emails, files, databases, crons, redirects and much more with ease.
Server Cloud
Servers with data processing and storage formed by a virtual cloud, with robust capacity and more security.
DDoS Protection
Proactive detection and mitigation of DDoS attacks, allowing your company's services to continue with complete security.

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