How do I set up my email program?

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Configuring E-mail:

Any e-mail software, whatever it is, always needs 4 basic information for its configuration, which are:
– IMAP server name
– SMTP server name
– User login
– Password
– SMTP authentication

The name of the IMAP server will always be:
The name of the SMTP server will always be:
In the e-mail account: the login is “”.

– authentication login:
– authentication password: your password

Below is an explanation of how to configure authentication in Outlook:
On the main Outlook screen, click on “Tools”, then on “Accounts”
Double click on the desired email
On the screen that will open, click on “Servers” in the drop-down menu
Select the option “My server requires authentication”
Click on “Settings”
“Log on using” and enter the login and authentication password given above.

Okay, your email can now use our SMTP.

Configure Apple Mail
To set up Apple mail, follow the steps above.

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